Skilled Services

skilled care for parents

Skilled Services by a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse:

1. Medication Management
• Communication with physician to obtain/ verify orders
• Coordinating medications among pharmacy,
healthcare providers and family
• Monitoring and oversight of narcotic medications
• Assessment and reporting of side effects
to physician
• Medication Set Up
• Medication titration to physician ordered parameters

2. Care Management
This service is especially beneficial for residents/families that are not adept at navigating the healthcare system or are not available to get directly involved with the intricacies of the resident’s health care needs. It involves the procurement and coordination of the resident’s care with physician, other outside health care providers and families.

 Skilled services not covered by Medicare or commercial insurance:

1. Registered Nurse or Licensed Practitioner Nurse services for skilled care (such as wound care) are billed on a per  visit basis.

2. Services provided by a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist or Speech Language Pathologist are also billed on a per visit basis.

The following additional services will be provided to residents, free of charge.
1.Registered Nurse assessment of potential resident to determine level of independence and need for Wellness services with the goal of helping enhance the resident’s quality of life, as well as safety and well-being in his/her new home.
2. Follow up call or visit to the hospital/health care facility to coordinate resident’s care at discharge and ensure a smooth transition back to the community
3. Registered Nurse assessment of residents for care needs and/or assistance with activities of daily living
4. Referral to a Medicare certified agency as necessary
5. Wellness Promotion thru educational presentations

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